VIVAX (in latine – ´longevity´) is world leader in bioregulatory peptides based healthcare solutions.

VIVAX develops innovative Products, Services and Equipment for individuals, private and public healthcare systems, contributing to achieving enhanced physical and mental performance, longer and better quality of life.

VIVAX is based on biomedical science that has been developed over 35 years and has gained recognition and demand on the markets. The development is based on experience of scientists of the Soviet Union (USSR) Army Medical Academy and Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry, in the conditions of unlimited resources and subjects for clinical trial. In the research were involved tens of science and research institutions from 18 member states with 280 million people. After the fall of the Soviet Union the research was carried on under private funding. As result innovative VIVAX personal care means were developed, the base of which are short synthesized peptides complexes ubititous in healthy human organism and active natural components originating from rich borreal flora of the Eurasian continent.

Today VIVAX is on the market with three product lines:
Dent – treatment and prophylactic for the oral cavity;
Sport – rehabilitation and rehabilitation and prophylactic for the body;
Slim for modeling the silhouette / anti-cellulite funds;

VIVAX Care is Estonian registered VIVAX retail products (Tier1) distributor and
also distributes food supplements and cosmetics products:
Youth Gems – skin care products recovering and
Pep´s – medicinal and prophylactic food additives

VIVAX production facilities ISO 9001:2015 quality management, ISO 22716:2007 (GMP) good manufacturing practices, and products conform to ГОСТ 31460-2012 Кремы косметические – Общие технические условия. All VIVAX products are accepted for placement on EU and EAU markets.

VIVAX products are available today for Consumers on almost all continents; in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia.
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