The spread of virus, causing potentially lethal and with permanent respiratory system damage on human organism, with certain assumptions, has halted the world. The streets of cities with millions of inhabitants have emptied. Air traffic has halted. Education system has stopped. Companies have closed. Global supply chains are broken. Borders have been set up between countries and areas where none have existed. Health-system, local government and military are overwhelmed, unable to enforce quarantine. Unable to meet the cremation capacity need the dead have piled up in morgues. Trenches have been dug for mass graves.

All due to insidious, over air and contact surfaces extremely contagious, with long latency of signs, SARS-Cov2 strain of Coronavirus. The invisible health threat has reset all-most everyone´s personal economy, with globally all economies, including companies and working people contributing to states and local budgets, suffering 2 – 4% of annual income damage per week. Parliaments, justice system and institutions activities have stopped.

The rapid spread of the hereunto little unknown virus has demonstrated screaming need for rapid identification, contact tracing, pharmaceutical development and personal, operational, enterprise, customer, inhabitant, citizen protection measures to be implemented on all levels of world economy to mitigate risk of spread.

Since the spread became known VIVAX rapidly implemented standard protocols for personnel and customer protection, operational health and safety.

All user, sales and transport packages of VIVAX products for European, Australian, American markets are UV-sterilized. Public access show and sales rooms are UV sterilized after each use. In workplaces all areas are covered with nano photocatalyst coatings, activated by borderline visible and UV light. All manufacturing and distribution offices personnel has been equipped with personal protective wear, to be used also while not working.

All partners and retailers of VIVAX products are advised also to implement similar measures to keep Customers and personnel and their families safe.

Same time VIVAX invested 1 million Euros into rapid development and distribution of technology by Applicational Creations Institution (ACI) for operational health and safety to tackle the wider problem of pathogenic microorganism spread. As result AURORA Environment Control Systems have been developed for implementation in the wider personal, public and corporate environments. As for more from our sales representatives.