Pro Slim – Orange – Body modelling gel

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• Stimulates the processes of splitting and burning fats (lipids) in tissues
• Effectively tightens and restores elasticity of the skin
• Fights with stretch marks, reduces the emergence of new
• Promotes stabilization hormonal metabolism
• Improves microcirculation of blood in the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissues
• Has a draining effect, starts the process of skin renewal and rejuvenation

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VIVAX Pro Slim Orange – Body modelling gel, 1.0L

Apply a small amount of gel on to the skin of the necessary areas of the body and rub softly with massage movements until completely absorbed. For best subcotaneous tissue fat burning and anti-cellulite effect apply 2 times per day before exercise.

VIVAX Slim Modelling gel contains complexes of active synthesized peptides with predetermined properties that trigger the biological process of restoring the functions of cells and tissues. AK-3 (of pancreatic tissue) normalizes the natural lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in cells, prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits, reduces swelling of tissues. AK-7 (of the vascular tissue) improves microcirculation of blood, regulates metabolic processes in the wall of blood vessels. AK-1 (of the thymus) activates the processes of regeneration and renewal of skin cells, increases the elasticity of the skin. AK-12 (of cartilaginous tissue) promotes the formation of its own collagen and elastin by the cells of the body.

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