Aurora UVC sterilization Module 12.5W (192mW)

280.80 234.00 (195.00 +20%VAT)

Electromagnetic radiation emitters
Power:                      12.5W
Spectre:                    UVC 275nm (80%) + UVA 400nm (20%)
Flux:                          192 mW (mJ*s)
Photobio-Safety:    Class-III (EN 62471) – High-risk
Power supply:         Meanwell 140<230V / 50<60 Hz
Connectors:             XX – Insulator cleaned end wire
IP-class:                   IP-20 (Solid: <12.5mm;  Water: n/a)
Controller:               not included
Frame:                      for wall or pendant mounting
Frame features:      module X-180⁰ tiltable in frame
Instructions:           Included in package
Compliance:            CE (LVD, EMC, RoHS), EC (MED), PRC

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Aurora UV emitter systems for sterilization applications.
Delivery: custom made to order, shipping in 21-30 days from confirmation of order.
Warranty: 2 years repair warranty, on return at customer expense and deposit of 50€ defecting cost, returned if defecting find fault of manufacturer.

Efficiency is subject to the specific fluence dose, environemental conditions, applied spectral flux per area.
Recommendations for microbial 2-log (99%) inactivation of most pathogens:
a) air – 20mJ/cm2
b) surfaces – 50 mJ/cm2
c) industry – 100 mJ/cm2
Recommended UV fluence doses subject to specific microorganisms:

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Weight 2700 g
Dimensions 186 × 98 × 76 mm