According to the concept of peptide bioregulation –  a theory of endogenous peptide bioregulators’ involvement in the maintenance of structural and functional homeostasis of cell populations -, peptides control gene expression and protein synthesis, thus preventing age-related accumulation of quantitative structural and functional alterations, which are the markers of transition of a biological system from the norm to the pathology.

Whereas disordered peptide bioregulation reduces organism resistance to external and internal destabilizing factors, serving a cause of premature ageing, peptide bioregulators application in the health care service has demonstrated their high effectiveness in combating various disease and pathologies, including those resistant to other medicines.

VIVAX offers innovative biologically active food supplements (parapharmaceuticals), based on peptide complexes isolated from mammal organs and tissues. Biologically active food supplements in the form of tablets and capsules exert a regulatory effect on the cellular level and are used for improving the organism resistance to the impact of adverse environmental, climatic, occupational and other factors, as well as during the rehabilitation period after surgeries, traumas, diseases; in case of malnutrition, high physical loads; for the purpose of maintaining the functions of the main organism systems in old and very old persons in order to reduce the risk of disease occurrence. 

VIVAX Pep´s value:
• Decrease of illness 10<15%.
• Reduction of acute respiratory viral infections.
• Decreased osteopthic diseases (including osteoporosis) and joint diseases (arthritis and arthrosis).
• Prevention of Professional Pathology in Harmful Working Conditions >20%.
• Reduction in premature mortality due to biological factors >20%.

VIVAX food supplements undergo yearly formalities for placing on the markets.

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