Aurora UV radiator modules are developed specially for microbiological control,
for desinfection of surfaces, air, fluids, via UV (ultraviolet spectra light),
for inactivation of micro-organizms (Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses and Algae).

Aurora CA spectra for application in rooms features:
 – UVC 275nm desinfection light,
 – VUV 400nm indicator safety light,
– high efficiency compared to conventional mercury vapour lights.

CA-spectra 80% 275nm + indicator VUV 400nm Modules nominal cycle times @ Dose 20mJ/cm2 can be found in following Table.

Article#### mW (mJ*s) cm2/h m2/h cm2/sek sek/m2 min/m2  
TCA-12,5W 192 27650 2,8 7,7 1302 22  
TCA-25W 384 55300 5,5 15,4 651 11  
TCA-37,5W 576 82950 8,3 23,0 434 7  
TCA-50W 768 110600 11,1 30,7 325 5  
The Modules (186x96x76mm) are as standard on metal frame, for enabling pendant or surface mounting, adjustable at fixing with single screw Y-360⁰ and after fixing of frame modules are tiltable X-180⁰. Power supply 100-240V / 50-60Hz AC/DC included. IP-20 class for interior applications without contact with water. IP-44 may be supplied at expense of some 10% UV flux.

UV emitters are delivered with 2 years standard electronic products warranty.
Life expectancy >100 000 switching cycles, >50 000 hours. Warranty 2 years.

Additional products available at request:
– UVC-reflective up to 70% coatings for commercial and industrial application
– UVC-reflectors up to 97% stationary systems
– UVC-anti-reflective up to 5% coatings for UV-shielding.

– health care and care taking;
– high traffic rooms (toilets, showers, touch surfaces, etc.)
– HoReCa – Hotel, Restaurant, Catering (surfaces, etc.)
– industry & logistics (input & output, surfaces, air, water, etc.)
– public transport systems and terminals (air & surfaces, etc.)
– special (cash money counting, air, fluid processing, micro-biologic control, reactors, tunnels, etc.)

Fluence (UV Dose) Required to Achieve Incremental Log Inactivation of Bacteria, Protozoa, Viruses and Algae:



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