The device is designed to work on special attachments for contact cooling of substances in different processes, also for local easthetic and physical cryotherapy. 

The cold generator is built according to the Peltier mechanism.
The temperature on the CryoPro can be selected with an accuracy of 1 ° C and the desired amount of time. 

Effects of local cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy effect is achieved at a temperature of +5° to 0°C.
• Analgesic – As a result of blockage of nociceptors, an easy anesthesia of the surface layers of the dermis lasts up to 4 minutes.
• Vasoactive – In the first 2-3 minutes of exposure to cold, a reflex narrowing of the vessels (vasoconstriction) occurs. If the local action of the cryo-source continues, vasoconstriction is replaced by vasodilation (reflex dilatation of the vessels). Vessels are dilated as middle (arteries, veins), and small calibers (capillaries). This effect is accompanied by mild hyperemia of the skin. In tissues, the venous and lymphatic drainage improves, and the influx of arterial blood increases. Exchange processes are activated not only at the level of the dermis, but also in the deeper layers (PZK, muscles).
• Enhanced penetration of active substances – Along with vasodilation, the permeability of the vascular wall increases, which promotes active penetration of the active components of the drug into the deep layers of the dermis.
• Cryostimulation – This is the reaction of tissues in response to cryo-exposure, as a result of which biologically active substances are released that stimulate reparative processes in the dermis, the production of collagen and elastin.
• Lymphatic drainage and anti-edema – Achieved due to the above effects, as well as lymph drainage is caused by slipping the nozzle along the lifting lines, along the lymphatic ducts and towards the main lymphocytes.
• Instant lifting – Occurs when the cold source is exposed to tactile receptors, which leads to a static tension of the facial muscles (increased tonus of the facial muscles). However, it should be noted that this effect is short-lived in the case of one procedure. Prolonged lifting occurs after a course of cryotherapy (8-10 sessions).

Advantages of local cryotherapy
• Low cost of the procedure;
• Wide range of applications;
• The method is compatible with other procedures;
• Physiological effects on tissue structures, vessels and lymphocytes, musculature;
• Applicable during periods of active insolation and optimal combination with other types of aesthetic care: peeling, apparatus cosmetology, mesotherapy;
• Cryogenic exposure to is physiological, and therefore safe;
• High customer satisfaction.
• Quick result, prolonged effect;

Main indications for therapeutic cold
• Restoration of turgor, elasticity and elasticity of (skin) tissues;
• Activation of blood circulation, restoration of microcirculation with unhealthy complexion due to hypoxia, smoking, and diseases;
• Wear and pastosis of tissues;
• Face lifting, neck, neck, chest;
• Improved complexion, relief from stress, smoking, transmitted diseases;
• Skin regeneration after summer insolation;
• The most physiological method of fighting acne and demichemia;
• Prevention of manifestations of genetic aging, physiological ptosis of tissues, increase in their water retention abilities;
• Withdrawal of pain syndrome;
• Absorption of hematomas;
• Removal of puffiness;
• Cryophoresis of osmosis;
• Preparation of skeletal muscles for physical activity;
• Activation of blood circulation, restoration of microcirculation;
• Saturation of tissues with oxygen;
• Preparation for deep peelings, laser polishing, plastic surgery and rehabilitation in the postoperative period;
• Launch hidden (reserve) mechanisms of the body at the cellular level;
• Provides a deep introduction of cooled active substances, stimulating the injured areas, restoring the balance of vitamins, microelements and the energy resource of the body.

Courses of cryotherapy
Intensive – 8-10 procedures 2 times a week.
Supporting – 1 time per 7-10 days if necessary.


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