Peptides in sports, bodybuilding

Modern sport is characterized by a high level of physical activity, the fulfillment of which often occurs at the limit of human capabilities. Therefore, an extremely important component of the training process is the restoration and preservation of physical fitness athletes. It is believed that modern athletes need pharmacological support in the same way as winterers in Antarctica, mine rescuers, scientists in the period of maximum mental stress and astronauts.

Sports pharmacology is a complex science, which experts claim that even many doctors working in national teams of Russia and professional sports clubs today (not to mention physicians of most fitness clubs) do not own it today. Ideally, sports pharmacology should solve the following problems:
– to treat diseases and overstrain in athletes,
– to accelerate the course of recovery processes,
– to prevent the overstrain and diseases,
– to increase immunity,
– to improve athletic performance.

All these requirements are met by peptide bioregulators produced by VIVAX, the only official representative of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in Russia . Studies have shown that the use of these peptide bioregulators by athletes contributes to both achieving good results in sports and improving their health indicators!